Choosing A Release Date

There is much more to picking a release date for your new line than you might think. When I started Vicious History, I couldn’t have cared less when the release date was. I was so eager for my products to hit the online store that I just picked a date that was immediately after the final product shots were completed.

I soon noticed that my sales would be unusually slow on the days following a new release and they would pick up two or three weeks later. I was extremely confused to why this was happening because I figured that most of my sales would come in the day’s right after a line was released. Very slow sales after a release can be severely discouraging to your brand morale. This became a trend for my first few releases and I was dead set on solving this problem.

Having a difficult time tackling this problem, I asked for the opinions of my peers. I talked to other brand owners, business men and t-shirt enthusiasts. I found out that the source of my problem was all about timing. I wasn’t putting much thought into my release dates and how they might apply to my customers. Customers are more willing to buy when they have extra funds to spend, which can greatly depend timing.

Buying a t-shirt is not a customer’s main priority when it comes to spending their hard earned money. In marketing terms, your t-shirt is considered a luxury, not a necessity. In other words, t-shirts are something that they WANT, not a product that they NEED. Many of your customers will have bills and expenses to pay before they will consider buying something from your brand. I went right to my computer’s calendar and made notice of specific holidays and billing periods.

The best time to release a new line is during the middle of the month…

I found out that the best time to release a new line is during the middle of the month and here’s why. First off, you must always keep in mind that your t-shirts are not your customer’s first financial priority. Many people have bills and rent to pay, which usually comes at the end of each month. They will make sure that they save enough money to cover those necessities first, so they won’t be thinking about buying new clothes. That is why it is a bad decision to release your new line at the end of the month. The first week of the month should also be avoided so customers can financially rebound. They just spent a large portion of their funds on rent, mortgages and expenses and need a week or so to receive their next paycheck. Brand’s should especially keep this is mind during the month of January. Consumers tend to spend much more during the holiday season which means they will need more time to recover in January.

Once they receive their first paycheck of the month, consumers will be looking to buy new luxuries because many of their bills don’t arrive for a couple more weeks. This is the prime time to release your new line because customers are looking to shop. They have some extra money in their pocket and don’t have to immediately worry about bills. I make sure to keep this in mind every time I plan a new release date for my brand. The two middle weeks of the month are the best time to show off your new products and produce sales.

Although release dates may vary from brand to brand, the most important thing is to not get discouraged when sales are slow. Try to find the problem at the source and eliminate it to avoid any future headaches. I hope this article helped you out and always feel free to email me at with any questions.

Chazzy Mattes is the founder of Vicious History.

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