Electric Zombie

March 13, 2009

By Coty Gonzales

Kyle Crawford, the founder of Electric Zombie, is no stranger to guts, gore and controversy. In this interview, Kyle talks about why he is so excited for his new Electric Zombie line, the things he has done different this time around to make the new line stand out and why Wrestlemania will be awesome!

CG: Kyle, you’ve just released a new collection of Electric Zombie tees. You’ve mentioned that this is your favorite line so far – what is it about the new line that has you all pumped up?

KC: I think I’m more into this line because I did the most work on it. I usually split my stuff up 50/50. Hire out for half and I do half. This time I did 8 of the 12 designs. I’m pretty stoked on them. Mainly because they’re ideas I had sitting on my phone for a while. It’s way diverse and different from the past stuff.

CG: What are some things that you’ve done with the new line that you did not do in previous Electric Zombie releases?

KC: I cut down on the cartoonie stuff. I did loads of full color designs printed on custom made tees. The tees are amazing. Vintage feel and still maintaining the slim fit. I basically went for the look that I pushed for Rockett a year or so ago. It’s something that they don’t really put out anymore. So I felt sort of obligated to bring that style back. I think i’t’s been missed.

CG: Your product shots for the new line are amazing. You actually
traveled out of state to meet up with your friend Adam Elmakias to get the shots done. What was this experience like? What propelled you to put so much effort into your product shots and lookbook this time around?

KC: It was basically way way way chill and laid back. It was slow at first. He had to do his thing setting up. But once everyone got their and the camera was clicking it was nothing but fun and laughs. Took everyone out to dinner after. It was extremely fun, and Adam is a top notch photographer. He has his stuff together and made everyone comfortable. I’m basically trying to push myself this year. This is going to be a make it or break it year for me. I say for me because I do everything. I work too much, way too much. If things don’t take off then I might step back a bit. I feel you need to dress for success, and you have to look the part you want to play.

CG: You’ve taken some flack recently for criticizing new brands that hand pick the latest, hippest, and most “in” designers. Is this honestly something that would deter you from continuing Electric Zombie?

KC: Yea, I’m actually super bummed. People look and view me as this huge successful company and it’s totally not the case. So I think they feel like, “oh, EZ is doing it, let’s do that”. I honestly have no idea what their reason for going the route they do. I guess in my head I feel like they’re copying, but who knows. As far as the “IN” crowd. I just feel like brands don’t really have a vision. It’s someone else’s ideas. I feel a bunch of people now look at who sells and what sells instead of just doing what you love. I guess that’s the difference. It kind of
sucks to have to snoop and give my designers or designers I want to use the 20 questions treatment.

Lurking on other line’s Flickrs or Myspace and see who’s doing what so that I don’t become the copy cat. It’s partially why I got my hands way more wet with this past line. It’s looking like that’s going to be the way to go. I loveeee doing this. But with the way things are going from the haters, to the wannabes and just working so much in general, it’s actually taking a toll on me. I have no idea what the future brings. I just know I’m doing my part to stand apart and ahead of the crowd.

CG: I can’t believe you got tickets to Wrestlemania! Are you excited for Wrestlemania? Whose your favorite old school wrestler and which wrestler(s) do you currently enjoy watching? Who is your all time least favorite (most hated) wrestler?

KC: I’m super stoked. I am actually doing this to kill time until RAW comes on. The build up for Wrestlmania is awesome. I went last year. I didn’t sit nearly as close as this year, but it’s still a fun time. I’m hoping to bring a huge EZ sign to the event. I’m sitting RINGSIDE!

When I was a kid, Hulk Hogan was ALWAYSSSSS my favorite. I had a workout tape and everything. When I was in 3rd grade, my friend Joey liked Ultimate Warrior. I never got into him until he came back at WCW. Then I became a fan. I used to love the original NWO. Right now, HHH and Jericho are my favorites. CM punks matches are awesome. Christian rules, too; glad he’s back as well. There’s too many wrestlers I hate. I don’t get how some of them have jobs. AHHHH wrestling geek talk!

CG: You’ve professed your love for Blink-182 in the past, often saying that you would quit designing tees if you could design Blink-182 merchandise. Would it be an understatement to say that you’re excited about their recently announced comeback?

KC: I wouldn’t give up. I actually worked on their stuff before the Grammy’s. I knew about the return before hand. I was doing some preliminary work. I’m supposed to work on it every free moment I have. So one of my dreams came true. I have a list of bands I’d love to work with, and if it came down to me never designing again and I knocked out those bands. I would be more then satisfied.

CG: If Kyle Crawford could no longer design tees, what else would he be doing? What’s your dream job?

KC: I still want to do movie posters and DVD packaging. I feel like my stronger work is graphic based. Honestly anything other than a shirt design. I did over ‘300’ last year, and I’m already over 30 so far this year. I wish WWE (back with the wrestling talk again, haha) would hire me already. Honestly give me anything! I’m up for any challenge!

Visit Kyle Crawford’s Electric Zombie site.

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