More Tips on Hiring A T-Shirt Designer

Picking the right designers for your t-shirt brand is one of the most important business decisions any brand owner will make. The design is ultimately what will attract customers and get them to buy your product. With an established brand image and knowing where to look, finding the perfect artist gets easier with experience. Below is a list of how to successfully contact an artist for your t-shirt design ideas.

The first step is having a solid business plan and knowing what your brand image is. As you construct your business plan and image, you will find that this step doesn’t involve any artists at all. If this is your first time planning a release for your brand, it is always best to take care of these things first. More established brands will find themselves spending less time on this because they have a business plan in place and know what their brand image is. Included in your business plan should be plenty of ideas for future designs. If you are having trouble thinking of designs that would fit your company, it is probably best to go back to the drawing board and find a new theme to revolve your brand around. As you compile your list of designs, you should find that you have several ideas that fit within certain illustrative styles. If you believe that they all mesh well as a collection, then you are ready to move onto your search for the perfect artist.

Finding artists for your brand has become increasingly simple with t-shirt community sites like (which will unfortunately be ended March 1st) and These types of sites allow all sorts of t-shirt enthusiasts whether they be brand owners, illustrators or just general fans to collaborate and interact with each other in a selected community. You can browse the art sections of these sites and find artists who you feel can illustrate the ideas that you have for your brand. is another useful website.

It is always best to gather up a few potential designers just in case some are not available to work within your release deadline. Although while doing this, you always want to make sure that their styles are not extremely different from each other. Having too many illustrative styles in your release can make your theme and brand image very blurry. When viewing an artist’s profile, you will find their contact info or be directed to their website portfolio. Once you have that information, you are ready to get in contact with your desired artist.

Getting in contact by email is usually the best way to communicate with an artist. The first step is to properly introduce yourself by stating your name and brand. Write a couple of sentences about your brand and the overall theme of your next release.

Next you want to describe the design idea that you are interested in having the artist do. Try your best to describe several details you would like included in the design in order to make it easier for the artist to know exactly what you want. Writing about the specifics in your desired design can be difficult so it is always important to speak clearly. To help get your ideas across, you may want to attach sketches or images in the email that are similar to what you want designed. Although you want to be thorough in describing your ideas, you chose this artist because of their talent, so make sure to give them the freedom to touch on their ideas as well. Also, you may want to write about a general color scheme you wish for the design.

The next step is to establish a deadline and make sure the artist will be available to work during that timeframe. This is where you also want to ask about general pricing for the commissioned design. Make sure to address any other concerns about the design process that you have in the email. Lastly, provide your contact information and thank the artist at the end of the email.

About the author: Chazzy Matses is the founder of the Vicious History t-shirt brand.

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