Save Sneeril: Limited Edition Tee Exhibit

When you think ‘art exhibit’ you think of abstract paintings in gold frames, or life size sculptures but Swiss artist RYLSEE of the Forever Young art collective decided to put a spin on his latest exhibition. Rylsee’s art show doesnt consist of any paintings or sculptures, but limited edition t-shirts. If you’re living in Vancouver, or happen to be visiting, you can’t miss this. We caught up with Rylsee about his t-shirt art show entitled “Save Sneeril”.

TM: Can you give us a bit of a background story?

R: My name’s RYLSEE, 25 year old, Graphic designer and Illustrator. I’m part of the swiss art collective “FY!’ aka “Forever Young!”. Born in Geneva (Switzerland) I’m currently living in East Vancouver and working at “the RED GATE art studio/gallery”.

TM: Describe this t-shirt art exhibit of yours.

R: The show’s called “SAVE SNEERIL” for some silly reasons. This is a limited T-shirt art show with 13 different designs. Each design is limited to 10 pieces only, so super limited and numbered with hand embroidery! Is the price important? they’re all $40.

TM: Is there a theme to this show, and if so, what is the theme?

R: There’s a theme without really having a theme, in the sense that all the designs were made through different experiences or thoughts I had during my travels in Canada. They all come from my “personal travel diary book”, so if there was a theme it could be “travel thoughts” or something like that. I’m pretty bad at finding wicked names or themes to be honest.

TM: How did you get into t-shirt design?

R: Good question. The first official T-shirt design I made was for a skate shop in switzerland named “tranZport”. At that time, I was 17yo, working there as the apprentice. They knew I was drawing and they asked me to make a series of designs for the show. I was super stoked! Now almost 10 years after, I’m still making tee’s and skateboard designs for them. Since then, I made stuff for different teams, brands and obviously for myself!

TM: What inspired you to do this exhibition?

R: Basically, everything started because of bullshit. Indeed, a couple month ago, my laptop had been stolen. So instead of complaining, I decided to react in a positive way and planned to make this art show which wouldn’t be possible without the help of all my friends from the “RED GATE”. I love them!
I also like the idea of moving support though. I mean, my drawings are moving with the people wearing the tee’s. It’s a bit like choosing to paint on a van better than on a wall. It’s finally a way to share my art across the border.

TM: What are some of your favorite brands?

R:Well, I don’t have a particular favorite brand. Usually I wear the clothes that I like, doesn’t matter which brand it is. But I like better wearing my artist friends tee’s which are priceless! And through this, you’re almost sure to not run into someone who’s wearing the same t-shirt as you, right.

TM: What inspires you as an artist?

R:It’s hard to tell, but if i had to choose, I’d say:
My homies, my thoughts, my feelings, every new meeting, my frustrations, and obviously girls, which are kinda already included in all the example i just mentioned. Basically, inspiration potentially can be anywhere, anytime. That’s for that exact same reason I try to keep my eyes and ears wide open all the time!

TM: And most importantly, where can people go to check out this cool t-shirt art exhibit of yours while it’s still up?

R: You can see it at the RED GATE gallery. (Mo-Fri,1-6pm) 156 West Hastings, Vancouver B.C, from the 10th of Dec. til the 5th of January. If the gallery looks or is closed, just call the studio it’s the same place and we’re here everyday– 604-568-0717

TM: By the way, I love this piece from one of your previous shows:

For more of RYLSEE visit,

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