March 13, 2009

By Coty Gonzales

Seventh.Ink is the offspring of Seventhfury and is based out of Liverpool, New York. Seventh.Ink tees are designed by Matthew Johnson of Seventhfury Studios and features one of a kind designs that range from computer illustrated to hand drawn.

Sound the Forgiveness Liftoff With Love on Teal

CG: Seventh.Ink grew out of the success of Seventhfury Studios. What prompted the decision to start a site focused solely on t-shirts?

MJ: A few years back, I was doing one-off designs on shirts and selling them as a hobby. These were all really small runs, 5-10 at a time and such. I really enjoyed designing shirts and the more I started to produce, the more positive feedback I was getting on the designs so I decided it would be fun to start my own brand. Thus, Seventh.Ink emerged as a part of Seventhfury Studios.

CG: What is the best part about running your own clothing brand?

MJ: The best part is the response I get from people. For me, it’s all about getting the shirts out there and knowing that people are enjoying wearing my designs as works of art. When people tell me how much they love their Seventh.Ink shirts it really makes me feel like I’m putting something out into the world that people enjoy and that’s a great feeling.

CG: Seventh.Ink sports a wide variety of designs and styles. What is your favorite tee from the Seventh.Ink collection? What tee has been your best seller?

MJ: I’d say my favorite tee from the collection (so far) would be Sound the Forgiveness because the idea behind this design has a personal meaning to me. It’s about the ebb and flow in relationships, how you need to be able to stop, chill, and listen even when you have a voice inside your head screaming to get out. Might sound a bit corny, but it’s true.

The best seller is definitely Lift Off, the ladies just can’t get enough of that little guy on his jet pack. :D

CG: As an indie clothing brand, what has been the most difficult or frustrating part of this business?

MJ: There’s never enough funds to cover the printing costs of all the designs in my head! I have pages of designs waiting to make print, but to keep my sanity I have to release them at a steady pace and not all at once.

In Your Eye Sucka For Justice on Lemon Butterfly

CG: What’s up with the domain Was already taken?

MJ: Ah, good question. Originally I had the site on my Seventhfury Studios server as a sub-domain ( The issue here wasn’t that it didn’t fit the idea, but that it didn’t sound right when spoken. A friend and I brainstormed about domain names for hours and finally came up with, which I think is a lot easier to remember when someone says it. I’ve always been big on networking and word-of-mouth, so to me this made a lot more sense.

CG: How has social networking sites like Twitter, Flickr and Facebook helped Seventh.Ink to grow?

MJ: They’ve helped tremendously. Although Twitter and Flickr have helped out a bit, I’ve seen the most impact from the crowd on Facebook. I’ve started doing free shirt giveaways, and that has sparked some great interest so I’m very pleased with that. I’ve also gotta say that has been a spectacular help. The guys over there are really kind to me and do a fantastic job.

CG: What are some of Seventh.Ink’s future goals? Where do you see Seventh.Ink a year or two from now? How about 5 years?

MJ: That’s an easy one. In a year, I hope to have added at least 5 more designs to both the Guys and Girls sections on the site, and I also hope to balance them out a bit more, the Girls need more choices!

5 years.. well, let’s just say that there will be a lot more to Seventh.Ink than just shirts. :D

Visit the Seventh.Ink shop.

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