How to Stay Motivated as a Brand Owner

As a brand owner, I’ve noticed that staying positively motivated is an essential mindset for building a successful brand. Let’s face it; the indie clothing company is beyond saturated. With so many brands out there, you can easily become unmotivated when it comes to your company. Here are a few tips that I have learned on how to stay motivated as a brand owner.

The first tip to staying motivated is to block out your competition. For most of us, we run our brands almost entirely online. Although the ability to connect to millions of people instantaneously has its obvious advantages, it also makes it very easy to get caught up in what your competition is doing. Staying up to date on how your competition is doing is something that ever brand owner does, but spending too much time doing this is unhealthy for your company. Constantly focusing on the successes a brand is having compared to yours will undoubtedly take the wind out of your sails. From my personal experience, this is the number one way I find myself losing motivation. If you get caught up in the things a certain brand is doing better than yours, you’ll find yourself feeling completely burnt out. Getting into this mindset takes hours to shake off and will leave you with no desire to work.

In order to avoid this unhealthy mindset, you need to cut it off at the source. When you sit down to work, focus solely on the task at hand and avoid all distractions. Close all of the internet tabs that are unrelated to your current task and don’t reopen them until you are done. The key to a successful work day is focusing all of your attention to the growth of your brand. When you finish your work, briefly check out what other brands are doing and take some rough notes. Use those notes as motivation to come up with innovative ideas on creating a better brand. Give yourself a list of tasks to complete for the next work day and only focus on all of your energy on them. Over time, you’ll find yourself creating a dedicated working pattern that leaves you feeling accomplished and motivated.

Another way to stay motivated is realizing that there is nothing wrong with moving at your own pace. Don’t feel like you have to rush to put products out just because other brands are doing it. Spend your time completing consistent amounts of work that fit comfortably into your schedule. Most brand owners have a full time day job and simply don’t have the time to dedicate countless hours into their brands. Even though you might not be putting out releases as quickly as you would prefer, you will feel satisfied when the day comes because of the consistent work that went into it.

Putting out a small run of three quality designs that fit into your brand image is always better than six rushed and inconsistent designs. Sure it might not be the fastest way to make money, but putting out quality products will promote brand growth and attract a loyal customer base. So when you see a brand putting out a big new release, don’t become distracted and take your time. Staying consistent with this mindset will only lead to bigger and better things for your brand. Ignore the trends and do what is best for your brand, because your brand is the only one that matters.

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Chazzy Mattes is the founder of Vicious History.

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