T-Shirt Mockups Like a Pro without Photoshop

Graphic designers and all of those who work in the apparel business know that the best way to market their t-shirt designs is to show them to the world, especially to their consumer demographic. T-shirt mockups are highly popular since they provide a clever solution to displaying how the design looks like printed on a t-shirt and being worn by an actual person. But making the decision to use t-shirt mockups goes beyond sharing pretty pictures of your clothing line on social media.

Placeit: T-Shirt mockup featuring a stack of folded t-shirts.

Why visual content matters?

Visuals are vital for your marketing campaign. Why? Because our brain prioritizes images over other forms of information. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. This means visual content will have an impact on your social media strategy simply because it tends to be shared more than anything else. 63% of social media is made up of images.

The right visuals will help potential customers see how the product fits in their life. By captivating them with these images, people won’t buy products. They will buy better versions of themselves. This is why it’s important to create professional visual content. It operates as a compelling visual asset that improves the buying experience for the customer.

Placeit: Tank top mockup of a beautiful women wearing a hat.

Who needs t-shirt mockups?

Do you intend to print a t-shirt with your logo or design? Then you need t-shirt mockups.

It’s not just graphic designers who need professional t-shirt mockups to showcase their designs. If you are a business owner and want to print t-shirts for your employees, you’ll want to know how your logo looks printed on a polo shirt or t-shirt. Or let’s say you are an illustrator and people are asking for t-shirts carrying your designs, you will need a professional t-shirt mockup to promote your designs on clothing items.

Placeit: Tank top mockup of three friends sitting by pool.

Using a t-shirt mockup to promote your brand

There are tons of graphic design websites that offer t-shirt mockups; you will find PSD files you need to edit to display your design on the garment and you will also find other options, like Placeit Apparel, a mockup tool that lets you create professional t-shirt mockups without even opening Photoshop.

Placeit Apparel offers hundreds of t-shirt mockups that will help you promote your brand by displaying your design on a real t-shirt, being worn by real people in a real life scenario. These are professional t-shirt mockup templates that provide compelling scenarios in which your designs will stand out. As a user, you can select the color of the fabric and then simply drag your design to the image, it will be automatically adjusted to fit every crease, shadow and fold of the item.

You can also go for a minimalistic mockup in which you will just see the t-shirt lying over a wooden floor, or floating against a flat backdrop. It’s up to you.

Placeit: T-shirt mockup of a man leaning against a wood wall.

When using a t-shirt mockup, you won’t just showcase your design to clients and partners. You will share your products in a professional manner that provides both a context and a use case. This really makes a difference when it comes to approving or rejecting projects.

The way you present your design can be equally as important as the quality of the design itself. This is why it’s always a good idea to invest in quality visual assets that will enhance the way your designs look in context.

For a wide selection of product mockups visit Placeit.net.

Ana Gonzalez is an Asset Coordinator at Placeit.

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