T-Shirt Label Design Tips

It is important to focus as much time and resource on getting the finishing of your T-shirt right as you would getting your T-shirt design and manufacturing right. The branding of your T-shirt often comes down to the labelling so it is essential this part of the process is not neglected.There are different elements when it comes to labelling T-shirts which all need to be considered; material, type, size, color, fold, design and position on the T-shirt. All of these elements should be considered in terms of the overall brand image you are looking to convey with your T-shirt and what is most appropriate for the garment.

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The most common labels used in T-shirts are woven labels which can be found in the neck seam. However, as branding and technology have moved on, it is becoming more and more popular to see woven labels and badges used all over the T-shirt to demonstrate quality and branding for all to see, not just the wearer.
With the woven label described above, we often see the name and logo of the brand, whether the label will be displayed on the inside or outside of the garment. The design and colors used are almost limitless and we are seeing new effects being used all the time. There is a growing demand for Lurex treads to be used to make the labels stand out even more.


There are so many options and potential visual effects that are now possible to include in the design of your branding labels, we often recommend keeping it simple when it comes to design. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any elements that are important to your branding, just that simpler is better as it makes it easier for the viewer to read and recognize.


We restrict the maximum number of colors we can include in our woven labels to 6 as the number of looms we can use for each label is limited. This is worth bearing in mind when creating the design for your label. We also understand, when it comes to colors, only your specific brand colors will do so we strongly recommend you provide a color reference for each of the colors you require to ensure you get the exact label you want for your brand.


You are likely to want to include some text in your branded label, even if it is just the name of the company or brand. Our top tips for utilizing text in woven labels is to not make it too small; there is a minimum of 8pt font that can be used but for the text to be realistically read, we recommend at least 10pt font be used. Using this sizing will help you to play around with different designs and see what size label you may need to accommodate your logo / image and text.

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However, labelling your T-shirt goes beyond branding and logos – there is a legal requirement (in the UK at least) to display the material and fibre percentages of the textiles being used in the garment. In addition to this legal requirement, care labels should include washing instructions and any additional care instructions. The five main care symbols to include on your T-shirt care labels are:

  • Wash Temperature/type
  • Bleaching options
  • Drying options
  • Ironing Temperatures
  • Dry Cleaning options

We recommend the use of traditional satin labels as they are comfortable to wear and long-lasting.

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But wait, there’s more to labelling your T-shirt than branding and washing instructions…what about sizing! It is essential buyers can easily and confidently identify the size of your garments so they know they are buying the right one.
We recommend, especially for T-shirts, using an irritation-free, soft, woven-edged size label as it will give the best experience to the wearer – long-lasting and unnoticeable when worn. Our size labels are 100% woven polyester, designed for loop fold attachment.


There are a number of different types of fold options which can be created for your labels and this will depend on how and where you are going to use your labels. If they are to be attached to the inner neck seam of your T-shirts, we recommend the loop fold but the Manhattan fold is also a popular choice.
When using labels on the outside of garments, we suggest you look at our guide to loops to establish which type of fold will be most appropriate for your labels.

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The final type of labelling associated with T-shirts is the swing ticket or tag favored by big fashion brands across the world to give added value, convey quality and communicate their brand values.
We are seeing swing tickets used more and more in a variety of ways, not just to convey the price or size of a garment. We’ve produced swing tickets with:
social media and other marketing calls to action on them, text-heavy branding messages, care instructions, and even promotional offers driving customers to other touch points including the website.

Think outside the box when it comes to labelling your T-shirts as they can be a useful form of communication if used creatively.

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GB Labels have been weaving clothing labels in the UK for more than 50 years and in that time they have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience. They have design consultants to help you get every element of your labelling right, ensuring your brand, and its products, are represented in the best way possible. Their staff are experts at giving comprehensive advice on your requirements, taking your design and specifications and turning them into a high quality products suitable for your brand’s image and ethos.

If you have any questions about labelling your T-shirts or any other garments, contact them today or visit their website and request a quote online.

Lynsey Bowen is a Marketing Consultant at Elbow Marketing Ltd

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