The Creation of a T-Shirt: Costalamel

What really goes into the creation of a t-shirt? What happens before the product reaches the customer? What happens before the product is stitched and screen printed? It’s important for us as designers and consumers to understand the process and origins of the products we use and make. Streetwear brand Costalamel created a video highlighting the different steps taken to create their t-shirt design “Tremendous Deer”. The entire production process takes place in Barcelona.

Costalamel: 10 hands for 1 t-shirt from Costalamel on Vimeo.

Costalamel also released their Spring/Summer 2015 Collection entitled Ohlaland. “Ohlaland is the land of the rebel kid who will never grow up”. The Ohlaland collection is a cross between Barcelona and Tokyo street style. Costalamel uses a fascinating concoction of Koi fish, flowers, palm leaves, and atypical pineapples as symbols to illustrate their concept. Check out a few looks from the collection below.





View more Costalamel products on their online shop.

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